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Maximum Performance The Imagine XC is a centre channel speaker engineered to maximize performance in multi-channel systems. Just as any theatrical presentation uses the centre channel as its anchor, the Imagine XC is the centre of the Imagine X series. For hifi theatre enthusiasts who are searching for an incredibly precise centre channel speaker, but need an affordable solution, consider the Imagine XC.

฿ 15,000 ฿ 15,000
฿ 6,900 ฿ 6,900 -54%

(Product variants available)


The P5 bookshelf speaker is a classic two-way design that can be placed on a stand, a shelf, a desk, or a table and is equally well-suited for home theater or stereo listening.

฿ 8,900 ฿ 8,900
฿ 7,200 ฿ 7,200 -19%



The AE307 is a centre channel loudspeaker suitable for home cinema and multi-channel music systems.

฿ 19,000 ฿ 19,000
฿ 15,400 ฿ 15,400 -19%



For home cinema and multi-channel music systems, the AE107 is a two way horizontal mount loudspeaker designed for centre channel applications

฿ 6,500 ฿ 6,500
฿ 5,300 ฿ 5,300 -18%


Affordable high-performance NHT home theater is easier than ever with the SuperCenter 2.1. This attractive center channel speaker is a perfect match for the SuperZero, SuperOne, and SuperPower. With a 2-way, acoustic suspension design using two 4.5" drivers (same as the SuperZero and SuperPower) and a 1" silk dome tweeter, the SuperCenter is voiced identically to other products in the Super Series, for a seamless tonal balance. Its compact size and video shielding allow easy placement on any type of television. As NHT’s most affordable center channel speaker, the SuperCenter brings refined performance to more homes than ever before.

฿ 9,200 ฿ 9,200
฿ 7,600 ฿ 7,600 -17%

The MS - Center channel speaker uses the same 1” tweeter and 5.25” woofers utilized in the rest of the Dolby Atmos® certified Media Series to complete a sonically matched product

฿ 20,500 ฿ 20,500
฿ 16,400 ฿ 16,400 -20%

The C-LCR is a combination and redesign of the Classic 2c and Classic 3c to best and most powerful front end of a high output theater system.

฿ 38,000 ฿ 38,000
฿ 31,500 ฿ 31,500 -17%
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